Project Leader Jonathan Gratch

Investigates the potential of automated methods for enhancing human emotional intelligence. Innovates new AI methods to assess human socio-emotional skills required in identifying misperceptions and biases that undermine an individual’s ability to influence social and team outcomes. Also examines the benefits and possible costs of alternative approaches for using these capabilities to augment human performance, within training (i.e., providing targeted and personalized “after-action” feedback), augmentation (i.e., providing advice and suggestions during a leadership activity) and autonomy (i.e., delegating responsibilities to a fully autonomous assistive technology). Advances interdisciplinary research on the role of emotions in social interaction and aims to make important theoretical contributions to understanding the function emotions play in social cognition and social problem solving. Potentially impacts a broad range of settings where leaders must exercise socio-emotional skills including crisis management, negotiation, and cross-cultural conflicts. More broadly, anticipates findings to have direct relevance to leadership assessment and training, and to lend insights into the design of future technology for human-machine teaming.

Recent Publications